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References and verifications are the cornerstone of our business and have always highlighted possible performance issues—positive or negative—that would impact the job seekers’ successful employment with our client companies. We highlight positive reports in green and negative in red, so you can see at a glance what type of applicant you're considering.

Education is the most often falsified information on a résumé and that matters, both for the qualifications of the applicant, and as a testament to their honesty and ethics. We check the highest grade completed for graduation date, degree earned, and G.P.A. when available.

Our employment verifications are full of decision-making information, and confirm dates of employment, position held, salary, attendance and eligibility for rehire. Additional pertinent information is also often provided.

We also verify professional credentials, licensures and other position requirements.

Please take a look at our sample reports, available on the Getting Started page to see the types of information we can find for you. A retail list of our prices is also available, but please contact us at any time for a personalized quote. 

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