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Click here to watch our new introductory video and learn how easy and intuitive the Pre-Select system really is.

Every employer wants to hire the best and the most-qualified, and they want to do it as quickly as possible. The best way to do that is to create a strong, approachable online presence with an application system that can be co-branded and managed by your own people, but so many application systems don't provide any way to differentiate for quality, and far too many simply cost too much.

Pre-Select sorts and manages the applications you receive so that you're not inundated with thousands of unqualified applicants. Instead, the Pre-Select system provides you only with the applicants who meet your pre-determined criteria. In addition, your Pre-Select portal is branded with your logo, but hosted on Pre-Check's secure servers, preserving your bandwidth while providing the best security of information available.

Our process saves time and money by Pre-Selecting your applicants with automated tools tailored to your needs. Those tools guarantee that the applicants who reach you are the ones with whom you want to continue the interview process. Pre-select by availability, compatibility, skill, or any other requirement you desire, and:

  • Attract better candidates;
  • Increase the percentage of superior hires;
  • Reduce hiring and turnover costs;
  • Reduce the learning curve while building bench strength;
  • Increase corporate diversity;
  • Offer more flexibility and staffing options; and
  • Reduce no-shows and absenteeism, and the attendant costs.

If you'd like to know more about how Pre-Select can help you hire the best, click on the "More Information" link at the top of the page to watch our introductory video, or contact us at, or by telephone to 216-226-7700.

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